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Capstone Project Essay

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Instructions for the Personal Trainer Business Plan Generator

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 The business aims to promote good health by making exercising more pleasant and healthy eating easy as well as enjoyable.

Research has shown that there is strong demand for Personal trainers and that this demand is increasing rapidly due to increased awareness and supportive media.
A marketing plan has been formulated to provide an effective market exposure and enable continuous expansion of the business.

The financial projections show that the project’s capital requirements are $10,000.00 which includes setting up of the business, website development, purchasing equipment and initial marketing.

The projected business returns are as follows:

|Project returns |Year1 |Year 2 |Total / Average |
|Yearly pre-tax profit |$9,041 |$20,021 |$29,062 |
|% Yearly pre-tax profit Margin |23.89% |44.94% |34.42% |
|% Total Net return on capital employed |90.41% |200.21% |145.31% |


Worst case scenario analysis has shown that the project is able to sustain a 25.00 % reduction in sales with profitability of $-5,368 in year 1 and $8,884 in year2.

Business targets and budgets have been set and will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure a successful outcome.

Description of the Business

Personal trainers aren't just for the rich and famous anymore. More and more regular folks are turning to personal trainers to get in shape and keep fit and healthy. As a result demand for personal trainers is booming like never before.
Take It To The Limits Fitness is based in Vista , CA and will operate a personal training business that helps clients become healthier by increasing their fitness levels and modifying their nutritional intake. The service includes:

• initial consultation and screening
• effective personalized fitness training and nutrition program design, planning and implementation according to the individual’s or group’s needs and requirements
• nutrition consultation
• instruction, motivation and monitoring of exercise activities, aerobic exercising, stretching, and muscle conditioning, building and toning
• demonstrating various types of exercises and techniques
• helping clients improve their exercising techniques and performance
• performing health-risk analysis to identify areas of potential concern (such as diet, smoking and alcohol.),
• advising clients on how to modify their lifestyle to improve their fitness
• keeping records of the clients’ exercise sessions to monitor their progress towards physical fitness to help them reach their goals.


Take It To The Limits Fitness will position itself as a most effective personal...

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