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Capstone Essay

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Title of the thesis:

From ‘The Cosby Show’ to ‘Blackish’: Cultural Analysis comparing gender roles.
By: Dominique Hoskins
Shorter University

Statement of the problem:
This study needs to be conducted because over past years throughout television, there have not been enough representations of wealthy African-American families being portrayed. Many shows like My Wife & Kids have tried to carry out with their own originality. So far none have been able to connect with audience in an influential way as The Cosby Show.
Lit Review:
Slide one:
* Tannen (2010) mentions that both masculine and feminine conversational styles are equally valid; her use of the term genderlect reflects this idea.
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The central concept being studied are the married couples from the 1980’s sitcom The Cosby Show and 2015’s Blackish. Using Genderlect Styles theory the researcher hopes to determine if gender roles have changed from the 1980’s to 2015 for wealthy educated African-American families.

Research question(s):

RQ: How have the gender roles for a wealthy African-American family changed from the 1980’s The Cosby Show to 2015’s Blackish?

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This study will be a qualitative study because I will mostly receive information based on conclusions from written sources; also it will also be quantitative study because the researcher will use a table as well to give exact figures to support findings.

Slide two:
The researcher will be choosing the first five episodes from The Cosby Show and the first five episodes available of Blackish. Convince sampling will be used due to the sporadic episodes available of Blackish. The researcher will not be using a formal coding sheet. However, the researcher has designed tables that will be used based off of Tannen’s study to thoroughly analyze each specifics listed on the table

Slide three:
Sample cont..

Table 1: Telling a story

Telling a Story |
Descriptions | Men | Women |
Reveals Emotion | | |
Downplay themselves | | |
Attentiveness | | |
Interrupts to agreement | | |
Heroes | | |
Avoid attentiveness | | |
Humors stories have an air of "can you top this one?" | | |

Table 2: Asking Questions

Asking Questions |
Descriptions | Men | Women |
To establish a connection | | |
Noticeable avoidance | | |
Tag questions | | |

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