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Capitalizing On The Customer As An Asset

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The company chosen for this imperative paper on “Capitalizing on the Customer as an Asset” is The Pool Room Bar & Billiards out of Lawrence, Kansas. The Pool Room is a locally established, individually owned pool hall that was established in 1988. (4) The Pool Room Bar & Billiards is a “throwback to the pool halls of yore” and neighborhood bar located in the basement of the Hillcrest Shopping Center. (4) The pool hall is moderately priced, offering a “serviceable selection of beer and cocktails.” (4) In addition to cocktails and eight and nine ball pool tables, the establishment has a dance floor, shuffleboard, mega touch games, a couple slot machines, projection and big screen ...view middle of the document...

The younger crowd usually comes in on the weekend nights and during music events. (1, 2)

The business was extremely successful in years past yielding over $800,000.00 in annual sales but over the past five years, it has suffered and currently is barely staying afloat. (2) Just in the last two months the owner has had to decide whether he was going to even keep the business open or close it down. (2) When asked about what he believed the decline in business was caused from he responded that, “the local smoking ban the City of Lawrence implemented in 2006 followed by the state of economy in 2008 really affected business negatively and our bottom line suffered.” (2) When asked about what efforts were being made to turn things around for the bar, the responses were lacking. In summation, I was advised that due to the recent death of an investor they were suffering from a lack of capital and therefore, at the current time they were scraping the bottom of the barrel to stay open and didn’t have the resources to utilize towards additional efforts. (2) The manager advised that they had recently renovated and started a Facebook account and were currently distributing flyers around downtown. (1) When I further inquired about what marketing efforts were being utilized currently, neither the owner nor the manager had anything to offer in response.

I was amazed at the lack of action and lack of marketing that was occurring especially given the grim situation the business was in. Looking around the establishment though, it didn’t take rocket science to figure out this business didn’t have a real focus on their customers. Noticeably, the pool tables needed attention with cleaning and leveling; the entire establishment needed a good cleaning; minor repairs throughout had been left unattended; some gaming equipment was out or order and broken; there was nothing more than a single sign behind the bar indicating the daily drink special so a lack of educating the customers or advertising was happening; and I could go on and on in this area just with my observations. When addressing the owner about my observations he stuck to the lack of capital as his explanation. (2) However, when probing the manager without the owner present, I got a different response. The manager advised me that every time he had a suggestion for improving the situation, he was advised no regardless of how little effort or little to no cost the idea would require. (1) For one example, he let the owner know several years ago that the crowd the bar was drawing in the late evenings and nights was changing drastically. With the change in crowd, he found that specific liquor was being requested that they currently didn’t keep in stock. He suggested ordering these liquors to satisfy customer demand and was told he couldn’t order it due to the type of clientele that liquor would draw in. (1) It became very evident that in order for the business to get back on their...

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