Capital Punishment Does Not Act As A Deterrent To Serious Crimes

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Capital Punishment does not act as a Deterrent to Serious Crimes
Capital punishment, as recognizes by the world, is the most severe punishment of criminals, because it directly deprives criminals’ right to life. As a matter of fact, capital punishment deprives criminals’ chance of confession and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, victims also lose the chance of long-term compensation. Therefore, quite a few scholars expressed that capital punishment derived from the primitive barbarous ages of human society, the purpose of punition and revenge was much more than reconstruction for criminal. On the other hand, capital punishment was used as the most powerful governing tool by the ruling class of ...view middle of the document...

In chart 1, it does not matter whether the states abolished death penalty or not, all the murder rates dropped significantly from 1990 to 2009. Also, it is straightforward to show that the difference of murder rates between death penalty states and non-death penalty states increased year by year. Furthermore, according to chart 2, it shows the fluctuation of percent difference in murder rate of those two kinds of state in the U.S. Before 1994, the percentage increased slowly and the difference was no more than 10%. Nevertheless, the percent difference was dramatically rising . The most percent difference between death penalty states and non-death penalty states was occurred in 2005 with 46%.
There is another example to show that capital punishment cannot deter crime. Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976. The crime rate increased slightly in 1977, but it is still lower than the rate in 1976.Overall, the homicide rate in Canada is reducing till now, and it is about a third lower than 35years ago. (Chart 3)
Chart 3

Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Homicide Survey. Jun 2013
Moreover, even though most people's greatest fear is death, capital punishment is still useless. If someone is desperate or crazy enough to kill someone, they will not think about the consequences, or they even do not care about it. Also, a fair amount of murders are accidental, or done in insanity, pain or anger, those people definitely would not think of their own death. For those kinds of people, many of them have various personal reasons seeking revenge on society in order to release their anger and resentments. On June 7, 2013, a BRT bus caught fire and exploded in Xiamen, Fujian province, China. There were 47 people died and 34 were injured. This was the worst mass murder suicide attack this year in China. After investigation, murderer’s body was found on the scene. This criminal had dissatisfaction with local government because they did not provide pension contribution to him due to his residency. He felt hopeless so then he wanted to take revenge in order to attract public attention. And he left a testament to his family before suicide. The similar cases occur every year around the world, and frenzied...

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