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Capital Punishment And The Mankind.(Speech)

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Capital punishment and the Mankind.


Good afternoon, my name is

A. Gain Audience attention.

Everyday, everyone from us wake up and forget to tell himself > , by nature, we almost don’t realize that -any time, anyone can die-.

B. Orient audience to the topic.

The human life is precious and invaluable for wise, fool, good or bad people. In this world, life can not be restored, life is only for one time, nothing is equal to life, so , who took others’ life have to pay by his life as capital punishment.

C. Convince the Audience that the topic is important.

Capital punishment or Death penalty is the killing of a person by judicial ...view middle of the document...

II - Body :

A. Capital punishment and the Religion:.

As proven in my introduction, Capital punishment is purely religious decision, so, by ethical chronology, let us see what Judaism, Christianity and Islam stated on it.

A.1 Capital punishment and Judaism:.

For Judaism, anyone reading the Old Statement understand that Judaism has to be in favor of Capital punishment, many texts justify it as quoted in, “ … life for life, eye to eye, tooth to tooth ..” , “A man who spills human blood, his own blood shall be spilled by man because GOD made man in his own image”.
Israel representing Judaism, abolished the capital punishment in 1954 for all, except those who committed Nazi war crimes, since 56 years of presumed existing Israeli state, only one person had been executed, this person was a Nazi war criminal with particular responsibilities for the holocaust.
Israeli can’t practice Death penalty because they are killing Palestinian people everyday, so, most of their military deciders and executors must be executed after judgment.

A.2 Capital punishment and Christianity:.

Christians argue both for and against the Death penalty. In the Bible, it’s written “… whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed …”. Over the history, churches practiced the Capital punishment by referring to both, old and new statements. Vatican had a penal code that includes a Death penalty for anyone who attempts to assassinate the pope. They are also, in favor when the killer identity and responsibility have been fully determined.
Today, Christian countries by separating religion from justice, they stay divided in opinion and rarely practice the Death penalty.

A.3 Capital punishment and Islam:.

In Islam as the last religion, the Death penalty is allowed. It stated in the glorious Quran “… Take no life, which GOD has made sacred, except by the way of justice and low …” . But if the family of the died person forgive the killer, this last one will not be executed. Most of Islamic countries does not practice the Death penalty and doesn’t abolish it.

A.4 Conclusion of the paragraph:.

God does have rights, and it is his right to do as he pleases with his own creation. God has given man the moral duty to execute those who chose to take the lives of others, The Death penalty honors GOD.

A.5 Transition of the next paragraph:.

It is clear that Religions agree with the Capital punishment under strict conditions, Nowadays Societies are bigger and more complicated, what necessitate more structures and procedures. Religious institutions can’t bypass today’s Justices as source of decisions, else the Death penalty execution will be considered as a murder.


B. Capital...

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