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Capital Punishment and Crime Deterred
Should capital punishment be used in a justice system to deter the level of serious crimes in a society? There have been arguments that capital punishment is the best way to deter crime and arguments that say it is not all over the world. The justice system is in place to keep societies functioning proper, and punish those who hurt that goal, capital punishment is one of the ways that have been aiding in the success. If capital punishment does act as a deterrent for crime, shouldn’t a society use it as a tool for the justice system? However, if capital punishment does not act as a deterrent for crime, then should it be scrapped by the justice system and ...view middle of the document...

There are those people who feel that capital punishment is something that should be in place and is a deterrent for murder crimes. They feel that if you have to kill one person to save 5 people it is morally wrong not to do it. These people will be referred to as the Pros. There are also those people who feel that capital punishment is something that should be in place, but never actually used in the society. They feel that just saying you will get the death penalty is enough to be a crime deterrent and If you can save lives it is an obligation to do so. These people will be referred to as the Scares. Then there are those people who feel that capital punishment is something that should be abolished all together, because it doesn’t deter crime, and it is morally wrong to kill another person no matter what that person has done. These people will be called the Cons.
We will start with the Pros’ arguments for why capital punishment is necessary for a society to have and useful to deter crime. One of the main points that are made by this group is that, using capital punishment is a way to deter other would-be criminals from murder. Having a person sitting in jail doesn’t give the type of punishment that a guilty criminal deserves, and it could lead to more murders in the future. “(Ehrlich) results suggest that on the average eight murder victims might have been saved as a result of one execution for the sample period 1933-67 in the United States” (Liu, 2004). If a person commits a serious murder the punishment for their crime deserves to be death, and nothing less than that, if we don’t want the crime to happen again. If we can save eight people by sentencing one murder to death, we have a moral obligation to do so. We have to show criminals that we will not accept this in our society, and show the citizens that we will hold these criminals accountable for their violent acts. Pros believe that this is the ultimate form of justice, and our legal system is in place to make sure that justice is served. People may say that it is vengeance and not justice, but that is not how Pros see it. It shows that the society means business, by having capital punishment in the justice system crime will be deterred. “Each execution, on average, is associated with three fewer murders” (Muhihausen, 2007). The deterred murders included both crimes of passion and murders by intimates. Pros believe that we show more sympathy for criminals, when it is they who committed the crime. It is a belief among Pros that for us to have a just society we need to get rid of the people who are the bad apples, and allow them to be examples for others who may want to follow in their footsteps. As a result, sending the message that we as a society will not sit around and accept these things to happen in our society.
Then there is the argument that the Scares have for capital punishment as a deterrent for society. In essence there argument is something that neither the Pro’s side nor...

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