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Capital Project Essay

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Capital Project



It is on record that companies and organizations in different industries invest massive resources in their specific lines of operation in order to survive in their respective industries, maintain market shares, and continue to provide quality products or services together with generating more income. Specifically, organizations in the health care sector often invest in capital projects that are aimed at attaining both managerial and organizational goals (Rechel, Wright & Edwards, 2009). In most cases, the capital projects undertaken by health care facilities take up huge percentages of their incomes or ...view middle of the document...

The $500,000 software is expected to manage information relating to patients including basic personal data, admission details, treatment specifications, scheduled appointments, medication offered, patient progress, and any other relevant information normally maintained by hospitals. With this in mind, it is expected that the filing software will be a valuable resource to the organization in many aspects that will be discussed in a deeper perspective later in this paper.

Management Goals That Expenditure Would Support

As earlier highlighted in this paper, the new patient records filing software project will be undertaken with some beneficial management goals in mind. To begin with, St. Luke’s management aims at improving the productivity of the organization in a number of ways. Considering that the duties of filing, which are normally performed by nurses, physicians, and other hospital staff whenever dealing with patients will have been eliminated, time will have been saved and as such, these practitioners will concentrate more on attending to clients rather than undertaking filing. Productivity of doctors, nurses, and other professionals that deal with patients is also aimed at increasing given that the project will enhance retrieval of patient data in an efficient manner. What is more, the records will be managed by a software program it means that the working environment will have improved in relation to prior periods when hospital staff had to deal with vast amounts of paperwork when accessing patient information. Through provision of such a favorable working environment, the management aims at boosting morale to all of the relevant staff, which will in turn increase their performance at work. It should be appreciated that in any health care facility, one of management’s primary goals is maintenance of data integrity, a factor that has been targeted by St. Luke’s organization. With the software project in place, it means that cases of wrong entry of patient information, loss of files and other data inconsistencies that may result to compromise to data integrity will be eliminated. This will lead to accuracy of patient information, an important aspect that helps deliver accurate treatment or therapy to patients in any organization.

Of the goals that the management sets to gain from this project, improvement of service quality remains as one of its major objectives (Dick, 2000). In this sense, quality is viewed in relation to services offered to clients or patients, which is gauged from their satisfaction levels. Specifically, patients or any other authorized individuals will be in a position to access important data relating to appointments with doctors or physicians, progress charts, medication used in treatment and other significant information remotely because the software will allow remote access provided one is connected to the Internet and has login details to patient profile accounts. Such efficiency will increase patient...

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