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Capital Crime Essay

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Capital Punishment Crimes
Capital punishment should be used in crimes that cause physical harm because they are especially heinous and premeditated. Murder is the worst crime anyone could ever commit. It is a crime that no one can ever make right because once you take a life away you can never give it back. Penalties should be exactly made to fit the crimes that are committed. Capital punishment also saves the government money, death penalty cases proves to be significantly less expensive. The worst crime possible should therefore receive the worst penalty possible. The penalty is the death penalty.
Capital punishment prevents repeat offenders. The rate of murders reduces with ...view middle of the document...

Capital punishment is constitutional and should be used more aggressively. It is a just punishment for someone who has taken the life of another unjustly. It is not only about a deterrent to prevent killing, but also about meeting justice on an appropriate scale. The death penalty does what it is suppose to, which is to get justice in direct proportion to the crime. This in turns gives a side benefit that those killers don’t get another chance to take another innocent life.
Capital punishment is moral and can be justified by the simple principle that a criminal’s punishment should be appropriate in the severity of the crime they commit. The criminal should be held responsible for their actions. Something that follows justice is punishment. There is no greater crime on earth than when someone takes a life of another. A person cannot be violated in a more brutal way. Human value cannot be more despised in a more drastic way. A murderer gives his victim a horrible punishment therefore they should get the same in return. When the death penalty is carried out there is a decisive end to the deed of the criminal. This means that a decisive step has been taken, especially for most of the victims. Someone, who has caused so much worry and pain is gone forever.

The death penalty like a powerful storm, declares to the criminal his evil and immoral act. The capital punishment makes up the strongest moral declaration a society can make to show what crimes are horrible. More than any other punishment, the death penalty declares that the criminal is a moral person with responsibilities.
Death penalty cases prove to be significantly less expensive, than the death penalty equivalent life without parole cases (Lowe). It has been estimated that life with parole cases will cost 1.2 million to 3.6 million dollars more that that equivalent to using the death penalty. On average, a life without parole sentence lasts thirty to forty years, while the annual cost of imprisonment is $40,000 to $50,000 for each prisoner or more, each year (Lowe). Life without parole sentences are...

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