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Cannibals All! Essay

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In the manuscript, Cannibals All! Or Slaves Without Masters, by George Fitzhugh, explains to readers that Northern Factory owners are no different than Slave Masters. Fitzhugh compares the social, political and economic differences between slaves and factory workers. Fitzhugh’s over all thesis of the book is that a northern factory worker would be better off to be a slave than a factory worker. Deeper analysis shows that Fitzhugh’s thesis actually means that the northern capitalists, factory owners, commit “moral cannibalism”. By this Fitzhugh means that the northern factory owners take the persona of a slave master and the factory workers are exploited slaves; meaning that the factory ...view middle of the document...

One of the best things Fitzhugh describes is his idea that white slavery is worse than black slavery. This is one of his main points of his book. He says the white slave, the poor factory worker, works very long hours for little pay and what little pay he receives he must then pay for his food, clothes, and shelter. While the black slave only works from sun up to sun down and his master provides his food, clothes, and shelter. Also with black slaves, because cotton was only grown during a certain time of the year, they did not have to work all year, like the white slaves who had to work in the factory year round. Also one major difference Fitzhugh points out is the treatment of black slaves. He points out that unlike common conception the black slave was not treated badly. Fitzhugh points out that a slave is an investment. If he were hurt and unable to work the slave master lost and investment. However with a white slave, the factory owner could mistreat him as much as he wanted because there were hundreds of others willing to take his place and be “consumed” by capitalism as Fitzhugh put it.
Fitzhugh’s economic, political, and social views and the impact they have on society directly...

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