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Cango's Video Analysis Wk 2

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This report has been created by C's Consulting to advise CanGo administration as to the appropriate approach that is required to address various challenges that the company is confronting. This is the first of several reports. This report covers weeks one and two of the video analysis.
6 Issues Identified
1. CanGo does not have a Vision Statement
2. CanGo does not have a definite Mission Statement
3. CanGo should have had a SWOT analysis performed to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
4. Goals and benchmarks aren't established for projects.

5. There isn't any sort of strategic planning in place for long term company growth
6. The job roles of each ...view middle of the document...

• There is no clear vision as to the direction in which the company should take.
• The company does not have a mission statement.
• CanGo do not have a structured work environment.
• Management and employees seem to be unprofessional and deemed unqualified to handle their jobs.
• CanGo has projected a 500% increase in orders
• They have the potential opportunity to develop and grow the online gaming market.
• CanGo has the potential to grow their online bookstore as long as the company analyzes that particular market.
• CanGo has no short or long term goals or strategy which gives the company no direction.
• With the success and growth of the company, CanGo faces many risks without planning, risk management, and strategic planning being done.
4. Goals and benchmarks aren't established for projects.
CanGo needs to create and target a set of goals via the use of benchmarking and objectives. This can be done by Management by Objectives (MBO). If they do this, every employee can have their own prioritized, cohesive goal that relates to their job function. Another way this can be done is through the use of the Gantt chart. This chart gives one their set goals with the objectives on the horizontal axis and the timeline on the vertical axis. There are bars that track and document the progress made of the activities, or rather objectives, and one can implement project progression meetings. This chart is basically the visual aid needed to benchmark the progress made in order to meet both the short and long term goals.
The company needs to start off by recognizing what their short and long term goals are and then do research. With this in mind, they have to seek budgeting resources and varying procedures to assist with the plan. The company then needs to look at their competition’s strategy, objectives, equipment, security, product delivery system, and goals in order to see where they are excelling and what needs improvement. They would then have to plan how they could apply and improve on this knowledge, the order in which they want to do this, and the timeline in which these goals should be met. CanGo should also consider the various expedited ways to deliver the product. I would consider these the short term goals. As for long term goals, of course continued success would be at the top of the list, but the company has to consider upgrades...

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