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Canada Vs The United States Essay

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Growing up in Canada and growing up in the United States for children these days is totally different from how it used to be. The idea of Canadian identity is an issue that not many people think about, and that most people take for granted. What you may not know, is that some of these differences in our mannerisms and culture could effect our society so much that we could go from 10 provinces and 3 territories to 4 provinces and 3 territories in a time frame of a few years. I will explain this point later in my essay which I hope you will enjoy, and I hope you will think about the reality of struggling to keep our country together, so close to the all mighty US of A.

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They believe that their culture is being lost, and that no one wants French speaking people in Canada. This is obviously is not true.

Unfortunately, they think it is, and in 1998, when they held the referendum on sovereignty association, the votes were dangerously close.

If a few hundred people had voted yes, and Quebec had separated, there would have been, in effect, a wall separating Central and Western part of Canada from the Eastern. The Maritimes would be isolated. We know how Maritimers take their culture very seriously, well, this could prove dangerous because since they would be isolated, they would feel it necessary to join the States, as the Maritimes in general are much more akin to New England than they are Ontario. We would now be down to 5 provinces.

BC is one of the most industrial provinces in Canada and has everything from excellent natural resources, and local governments, to beneficial trading opportunities with the western United States. These things make BC a great place to live. However, the West Coasters believe that they are shut off from the rest of Canada and that Ontario, in central Canada, receives every bonus, opportunity, and extra money the Federal Government has to offer. The BC provincial government has come up with the idea to adopt another currency. Of course it would be an obvious decision to adopt the American dollar, because they trade with them the most. Surely you can guess that it would be logical for BC to join the United States for now they would share a currency and the western U.S. is more in tune with their way of thinking than the other provinces and territories of Canada. Now, BC would be gone, and so would the reputation of our 4 province 3 territory country, as we would be falling apart.


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