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Canada's Role In The Fight Against Isis

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The victory of the Liberal Party of Canada on October 19th, 2015 was meant to be a new beginning for the country with new policies and new projects that the Conservative government with Stephen Harper failed to achieve; one of them being the military role of Canada in the fight against ISIS. The Conservative Party ideology was to keep the military in their initial role of combat and increase the air force in order to be more effective on the ground. However, the Liberal party made several promises in order to get elected, such as the plan of removing the combat role of the military forces from Iraq and Syria and to use a more peaceful and humanitarian approach. In doing so, Canada sees ...view middle of the document...

” (Geddes, J., Markusoff, J., & Wells, P., 2015, Para 2). Rather than bombing and fighting, the ideology of the Liberals is to really invest into humanitarian help. Nearly 1.6 billion dollars will be distributed in this mission as a whole for over 3 years which includes security, humanitarian and development medical assistance in the region. That includes 840$ million to provide the basic necessities and 270$ million to help the surrounding countries struggling to welcome refugees (Blanchfield, 2016, Para. 12). Furthermore, Canada will increase military personnel to 830 instead of 600 who will be dedicated to the anti ISIS mission (Para.13).
For Canada, this plan is really helpful in terms of restoring the humanitarian image of the country on the international scene. Stephen Harper and the conservative government have been very secretive about their policies and approaches on topics like the ISIS problem over the past years so it led to mistrust between the population and the government (New life on the hill, 2016, Para 3). When the Liberals came to power and changed the policy, Canada gained a lot of valuable experience training local Afghan police and military forces (Blanchfield, 2016, Para. 7). The Prime Minister Trudeau, described this change of policy from Conservatives to Liberals is a way for Canada to participate even more effectively in the anti ISIS operation (Wells, 2015, Para. 11). Canadian military forces will continue to supply air security and surveillance, and will provide assistance to the troops on the ground (Dummett, 2016, Para. 4). Canada really distinguishes itself from the other western allies in the US led coalition, because they changed their approach in withdrawing the military troops from their combat role. (Para.5). In particular after the terrorist attacks in France, the other western allies expanded their aircrafts campaign against the Islamic State in Syria (Para 5). Prime Minister Trudeau says that Canada has an enormous responsibility as part of the coalition to fight against the Islamic State; however, it should be done by establishing a certain level of peace and security, both for the civilians living in that region and the troops protecting it (The Editorial: Islamic State, 2016, P.26). Liberals believe that we cannot defeat ISIS only by military means; we need a broader way of engaging in more human support (P.26). As Mr. Trudeau argued: “How best can we help? Are airstrikes—is a combat role—the best way for Canada to actually help?” […] “So what we’re doing right now is we’re working with our allies, with coalition...

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