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Can Youth Make India A Superpower?

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Swami vivekanand said that,
"Give me hundread young persons, and i will change the country..."

this represents the faith he had on the youth.
and why not today??? we are a country with more than 400 million people from the age group 15 years to 40 years, having the utmost talent which can survive in all
the situations, that's why i can say...only youth can make india a superpower.

The word superpower as the encyclopedia defines,
"It is a state with a leading position in the international system and the ability to influence events
and project power on a worldwide scale to protect its own prefferences; it is traditionally considered to be one step
higher with a great power".

And, Only youth has the power to bring up and nourish the childhood, and to protect the elderhood.
Only the youth is there who fear no boundaries, who is above all the limitations.

Our youth is proudly ...view middle of the document...

with having more then 40% of our young brothers and sisters in the companies like NASA and Microsoft, there remains no doubt
that we are the best youth power compared to other countries on the earth.

Seeing this impressive numbers and facts, i am forced to think that, if we are this much capable, then why is still our country facing
the problems like mal nutrition, discrimination, umemployment, poverty, and the list goes on...???

and after searching everywhere, i found the answer within only...within me, within you, within all of us.

yes my brothers and sisters, it is only about us, me and you, who can bring the revolution.

Youth of india, is still sleeping...we need to make them awake, motivate them, and help them realzing the values of themselves.

The best way to awake the people is, make them aware, about their strength and their power which is the key to make india superpower.

And i am glad to see that, many efforts are being made to fulfil this requirement.

for example, CAG (Citizens for Accountable Governance) has organized a grand cumlination named "manthan" which has affected more then 85000 young students from different colleges
all over the india, and they are invited to present their views on the major problems of our countries, in front of our biggest political leaders.

at state level, our university has included the subject "contributer personality developement" to create the required awareness in the youth. and reform the personality
of a student in a positive manner.

I want to share two lines in my mother tounge, written by one of my young friends....

Antar na timir ne bhedi vehta thaie,
rakh ma thi janmi ne udta thaie,
sankalp karie roj jitvano ane,
jo male har to prem thi pachavta jaie...

And to conclude, i don't tell you to be a social worker, i am not telling you to help others, but i want to appeal you that, if you change, country will change.
with the collective efforts from all of us, i am sure that, india can, and india will...

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