Can We Live Where We Want

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Kye Karim
Composition reading II
Essay 3
3rd November 2014
Jeremy Rick
Are we born with the right to live where we want?
The United Kingdom of Great Briatain, is a group of countries that like to think they are independent. Despite this, the fact is they are merged to a much bigger picture of the European Union. The inclusion of the UK has drawn many positives over the years with the economy, easy holidays, simpler migration and more than anything help from the other large nations in the EU. People from areas outside of the EU like the USA or Asia, would have to get a visa issued to their passport before they can even have a holiday. For people holding passports for countries ...view middle of the document...

There is a duty from fellow EU countries to help people. That duty of help has been very much abused even though immigration can be good for UK and for other receiving countries in general to build a more diverse and collective population, helping each other to successful on all fronts. Emigrating from a poor nation to the UK is not a minor step in itself even if you are expecting to have a better style of life. Many people do not move with all of their families at once, they do not speak the language, know no one and then look for work. People migrating will have drive because they appreciate that the UK is much better than some of the places they have been and want to work hard. “European migrants made a net contribution of £20bn to UK public finances between 2000 and 2011” (Travis 2014). This shows that there is a lot that can achieved with migrant workers.
Despite there being some positives to immigrant workers coming to the UK it has come with problem as well. “The net result has been to add more than a million to the UK's population in the ten years to 2002,” (Reeves). For a country that is already very populated this is astronomical. Just a couple of years later there was an even bigger rise, that occurred due to the introduction several Central and Eastern European countries. “Between May 2004 and June 2005, the UK saw one of the largest labour immigration movements in modern history” (Persin). This was a result of several countries joining that did not have a strong economic systems such as Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungry (EU member countries 2014).
Someone working forty hours a week on the minimum wage can probably afford to live in the UK, with access to better facilities, better healthcare, and better entertainment than back home. Even though the cost of living is more in the UK people still send the equivalent of one person's income in their home country back to their family. They are able to do this because the “Minimum wage, currently set at £6.19” (Make the). This is higher than in countries like Poland where workers are exposed to very harsh labor conditions but for less than half the wage of that found in the UK.
People in poor countries have an excessively bright view of life in Britain, and expect there to be much more opportunity. The fact the minimum wage is much higher for than most countries give many immigrants a good base. From some places, wild optimism will actually fall short of the reality of life on the minimum wage, with a better chance to rise to earn even more. If they choose to stay, it is presumably because life in Britain is still better than life back home. If people cannot have this better life because they were born in the wrong place, then that would be extremely unfair. They have shown considerable initiative in trying to improve their lives, and they have succeeded. Taking this success away from them because of their nationality seems...

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