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Can Go Video Analysis

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Tech-Way Omni Development Tool Management System (DTMS) Communications Plan


General Information Student Name 29 November 2004 Student Name Remote access services that provide network connectivity and security to company resources.

Prepared by: Date: Authorized by:

Project Description (Summary)

B. Stakeholder List All Stakeholders are located in the same geographical locations Stakeholder Name / Title Architecture Support Group Ed Mann – Architecture Group Manager Mike Spam – Assistant Vice President Web Architecture and Project Manager Development Team Focus Group Project Role The customer who will use the software to support the development teams. They are the final signoffs for the requirements and delivery of the software. Customer Lead and interface point. He will receive copies of the weekly status report. He will be responsible on the sign-off and acceptance milestones. Executive Management. Mike will manage the entire project from Scope to acceptance and ...view middle of the document...

Monthly Responsible resource Tony

Document Description Project Status Report Project Status Web



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Tech-Way Omni Development Tool Management System (DTMS) Communications Plan
of all risk issues Interaction through e-mail Meeting Notes in Word format Executive Summary Issues Report Template available during weekly meeting Phase Review Report

Project Status Meeting Executive Status Update Issue Management Database Phase Review Signoff

All project team members. Senior Management of all departments All project team members.


In person

Update project status, escalation of all risk issues Submit Issues as they occur



Formal Status Report Template Issues Database

Weekly per the expected action. Monthly



Weekly per the expected action. Four phases


All project lead members.

Review deliverables for the phase


Phase Review Checklist



Method for Updating the Communication Plan

The communications plan will be updated as needed and reviewed during the Executive Status Meeting monthly. Any changes to the communication will be approved by the Architecture Group manager. Any changes to the plan will by disseminated during the weekly project team meetings and updated on the Project Status Web

E. Existing Systems There is a weekly organizational release meeting that is held by the Architecture group. We have been invited to attend the meeting to review changes and major events to the organization. The information gathered here will be used in the project status meeting and included as appropriate. The meeting will also address items and other systems that have an impact on us. F. Escalation Process The initial review of the issue or risk will occur during the project status meeting as gathered by the Issue Management Database report. The Project Status Web will be used to escalate any issues or risks not resolved during the weekly meetings. When the issue or risk is identified in the Status Web, we will conduct a review and provide a contingency plan to the Executive Status meeting. If the issue or risk is still not resolved, it will be assigned to an executive committee for action.

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