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Can A Picture Be Worth A Thousand Words?

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Can a Picture Be Worth a Thousand Words?
The Smile Train: Changing The World One Smile at a Time advertisement and photo is a sure way to tug at the emotions and empathy of the reader; forcing them to contribute to their cause. The photo alone makes your heart ache for the little girl who is in need of cleft surgery. The little girl appears to be no older than 2 years old and of a Hispanic or Middle Eastern decent. Her small face and the area around her mouth is all you see. Big brown eyes staring back at you pleading for help. The use of her handicap in the photo makes the reader feel sorry for the child. There is nothing in the background to indicate her location or where she could ...view middle of the document...

00 per child to repair the cleft making it seem cheap and inexpensive for the reader. Smile Train states the surgery takes a mere 45 minutes to complete, allowing a new life for those affected by abnormal clefts and palates.
Thus, the importance of the message is clear. As an adult, we have learned that children are innocent and need to be cared for and protected. They are unable to act and defend themselves. That is where we come in. Smile Train reaches out and asks the questions, “Are you willing to help?” or “What will you do?” At the top of the page, the ad states in bold, capital letters, “HAVE YOU EVER SAVED A CHILD’S LIFE?” That statement alone causes you to question yourself and what you should do. You begin to feel sorry for all the children with the handicap, not just the little girl in the photo.
After looking at the photo many times, I believe Smile Train was spot on with communicating their message. The photo is very effective at tugging at your emotions. As I turned the page to the ad the very first time, my heart reached out to the little girl. I thought of my daughter and what if...

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