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Campus Issue Problem Solving Essay

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Recently I encountered a problem within my school amongst a peer of mine. The issue is my Capstone Project that was not going the way I would have expected. Here I have waited almost two years to reach this point and for it to go other than perfect is not an option.
The problem is that I am a very intrapersonal person and working alone has always been important for my ...view middle of the document...

Two of the three partners that I have pretty much have the same or better personality traits and work ethics that I have. But, then there’s the final partner of this team that is the complete opposite of our personalities and work ethics. This partner really procrastinates on everything they do.
So one day this partner consented to doing a part of the project that was extremely time sensitive. My ideas and plans of working with this team have changed considerably over the last 3 weeks. The dreams of having an awesome project are slowly ebbing away. But over the last few days I decided to not let this situation over our team project to ruin the outcome of this project. I have decided to work through and work harder to help my other partners complete this Capstone Project with as much finesse as possible.
All things happen for a reason and I will not show any anger over things that have happened. The future will only get better. So for I and my partners let be creative so we finish with a bang. See you at graduation.

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