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Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Essay

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Research Project – Social Media Campaign
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Jack Welch Management Institute

Social media campaigns are extremely important in today’s marketing. Awareness of a product/service is the only way your campaign can be successful. People cannot buy or support what they do not know about. In order to optimize sales and revenue, it is wise to utilize an integrated marketing campaign that attracts attention, draws interest, creates desire, and calls to action (Week Eight, Lecture One). The strategy of advertising and promotion via social media is a success that has been proven over and over again.
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Women all over the ...view middle of the document... This consumer campaign began in 2002, and collaborated with labs to conduct testing of the ingredients in 72 name brand products to determine if they were safe to use on women’s bodies. These tests confirmed a presence of phthalates in over three quarters of the products, which is an ingredient with chemical safety concerns (Houlihan, Brody & Schwan, 2002). The unfortunate theory is that cosmetic suppliers want consumers to use these products on a daily basis, and feel pretty and confident while using them.
Toxic Ingredients
Among the many ingredients that can be found in personal care products, many of them have proven to be harmless with everyday use, however it only takes one harmful one to ruin the experience. It is absolutely within our human rights to demand products that are not only safe for bodily use, but also safe for the environment. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics conducted studies to prove that products containing phthalates were causing permanent damage, even in the animal testing. For example, some animals were found with damage to the developing testes, and malformations to the penis and other reproductive parts and organs (Houlihan, Brody & Schwan, 2002).
In the testing, there were other ingredients in the products that were found to be harmful. Lead and other heavy metals were found in sunscreen products, eye shadow, eye drops, lipstick, and toothpaste. Synthetic musks, formaldehyde, triclosan, and parabens are among other harmful agents found in soaps, deodorants, perfumes, hair care products, and makeup. This campaign has exposed the fact that everyday products can have lifelong damaging effects on the human body.
Federal Law vs. Beauty Products
In 2002, there were major loopholes in the federal law that allowed the $20 billion a year cosmetics industry to put unlimited amounts of phthalates into personal care products – with no required testing, monitoring of health effects, and no required warning labels of harmful products. Of the 52 products that contained this chemical, none of them even listed the ingredient in the product. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is...

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