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Calibre Of Impact: 5 Strategies For Developing It

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Every decision that you make has an impact; how are you impacting your world? Notice how I phrased the question..."How are you impacting 'your' world?" It is common knowledge that our decisions impact those around us but think about we treat others is how they will in turn treat us. Therefore doesn't it make sense to be aware of ourselves, our decision making process, our Calibre of Impact?...because if what goes around comes around, than we need to be making sure that what we put out is what we want back. How we impact our world is how our world will in turn impact us. To receive abundance than we need to give abundantly...Ah-Ha!...Alas, you ask, but where and how do I position ...view middle of the document...

Name any kind of situation that you can think of...having to get a job because you don't have sufficient money to live for example. The 12 yr. old would just be able to identify the problem exists but not do much more, just like the .22 plowed a small hole but the pumpkin was left largely intact. The 18 yr. old would probably be able to go about trying to solve the problem and be able to pick up a job just good enough to survive, just like the .45 put a gaping hole in the pumpkin and made it's impact felt but the problem or the pumpkin still existed. Now, the 35 yr. old would probably go out and not only get a job but maybe find a second job as well or start a personal business like being a real estate agent, whatever the case is they would make the problem go away just like the .454 obliterated the pumpkin to the point that all that was left was a memory that there once was something that existed.I am sure that you see where I am going with this. I am sure that we all can say with a good measure of faith that the 12 yr. old can grow into the calibre of the 18 yr. old and the 18 yr. old into the calibre of the 35 yr. old, right? Of course! So what did we just say? That your calibre is determined by your growth and knowledge not by some preset rules that govern your life! So now let's take the same principle and apply it to a certain role in life: a CEO, an athlete, a real estate agent, etc,. When you start out you are most likely in the position of a low Calibre of Impact; but the more we focus on being aware of ourselves in respect to how we think, what decisions we make, and what we allow into our lives will determine whether or not our Calibre of Impact grows. Being aware of where and how we are positioning ourselves not only impacts the world but will eventually decide how the world impacts us. What goes around comes around.Let's not just leave ourselves with the thoughts that have been stirred up by our reading but let's actually learn some steps that we can begin taking on a daily basis that will allow ourselves to grow into the Calibre of Impact necessary to achieve the life that we dream of when we lay our head down on our pillows at night. The CEO of a Fortune 50 company wasn't born into that Calibre of Impact, an Olympic gold medalist wasn't born into that Calibre of Impact, nor was a top producing real estate agent born into that Calibre of Impact; they all had to start out somewhere and grow from there. They all did the same exact thing that every single successful person on this planet has ever had to do in order to achieve their desires: Increase their Calibre of Impact!We all have energy and we either harness it towards achieving our dreams or waste it on an unfulfilling life. Unleashing Your Inner Energy isn't about being great overnight but about taking small steps in the right direction that will lead to the compounding growth of our efforts. Your start could be as little energy as 15 minutes a day of reading or exercise but I...

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