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Caging The Red Beast Essay

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Caging The Red Beast

The year 1945 was a time of relief for America and its people. That year was the end of World War II. Germany had lost and the time for rebuilding was near. However the peace did not last long between the U.S.S.R. and the United States. A difference in political and economic views caused a rift in the Soviet Union and United States relationship of convenience. The Soviet Union was run on a system of government called communism. Communism's theory of a government run by the economy was the complete opposite of America's dedication to independence. This difference caused great tension between the two nations and became a Cold War. The Soviet Union believed that ...view middle of the document...

Because the U.S. was already sending billions of dollars into Europe the Soviet Union felt that they wouldn't get involved in the small confrontation going on. However, the United Sates honored their commitment to the Truman Doctrine and along with help from their allies; America flew in supplies and food to West Berliners for over a year. The Berlin Airlift was a success and on May 12, 1949, Stalin removed the blockade. (Doc B) This act of containment proved that the States kept their word when it came to preventing the spread of communism.

Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union had their sights set on another territory that they felt could be overthrown, South Korea. North Korea was supported by the Soviet Union while South Korea was supported by the U.S. which meant there was a stand-off between the two territories. In 1950, South Korea was invaded by North Korea and the United States vowed to support and protect them. American troops occupying Japan after WWII are sent for support to southern Korea. (Doc C) A battle on the separating border between the North and South proceed for several years. After continuous attacks and counter attacks the war finally ends in 1953. The resulting borders ended up being very similar to the original borders of 1950. (Doc C) The war caused over 50,000 American deaths but also stopped the Soviet Union from gaining any ground in their goal to spread communism. This act of containment was a success.

Years later on the other side of the world...

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