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Cafeteria Adventure Essay

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First day of my cafeteria adventure. It was time for “C” Lunch, which normally lasts from 12:35 to 13:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and were my default lunch days. When I entered the mess hall, the first things I noticed was the heat caused by the emitting of carbon dioxide from the school kids’ breath, the miserable-looking lunch ladies, the administrators guarding the front door like a group of pit bulls, the school lunch that honestly looked like it was getting ready to crawl off the trays, and of course, the Tucker High School Students in which almost the vast majority of their faces were un recognizable to me.
Wondering like a city-dweller in the Sahara Desert, I had no idea ...view middle of the document...

They all looked blissful as they all conversed with each other, they looked as if they have watched the World Cup last night, and America has won the World Cup victoriously. Not knowing their names, I tried calling out their names using only word, “hey!” Not even a quick thought of who called them out tapped their heads or ears in this case. It was either the sound of their conversation in combination with the surrounding noise of the cafeteria that drowned out the sound of my voice, or it was just them not know who I was addressing “hey” to.
Three days later, I have decide to progress myself to “C” Lunch once again. I had no knowledge of where my next settlement to a table was gonna be. But then I noticed the very indistinguishable table where I first heard the unfamiliar voices of two unfamiliar sophomores that called out my name on that Monday. So I sat with them. It first started with a quick “what’s up,” then it pretty much ended with silence among me and the sophomores. I tried conversing with the two sophomores, but it was nothing like on that day when they were like the French explorers mentioned in the first day. We sat together with my estimate of seven to maybe thirteen other juniors and sophomores. Their conversations were very different than the way how I did in my recent adventures. One group gossips...

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