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Caesar's Influence On Roman Civilization! Essay

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When the name Julius Caesar is heard, it can only trigger the image of a great leader who influenced Rome into prosperity. Caesar's inspiration in military excellence brought more power and more land which lead to the increase of size and strength in Rome. His dictatorship helped the stability and prosperity in Rome. Caesar's assassination, led to a monarchy that was ruled by Octavian. His death, led to a domino effect ending in the ultimate collapse of the Roman Empire. Many potential leaders of the 21st century follow the path of Julius Caesar and try to be as great as he was. The assassination of Julius Caesar was a tragedy due to the contributions he made to Rome's prosperity during his ...view middle of the document...

The senate gave him three provinces for the span of five years, instead of one province for one year. With this ruling, he had "a chance to build a stronger personal army". The strategies and tactics used by Caesar made his death even more tragic because of his excellent leadership and planning. Caesar planned wars by legionary battles. He would not just send his entire army in all at one, but instead send a minimum amount of soldiers in the initial fight. Then he would send relief replacements to support the fighting force and finally reserve troops outside the battlefield for support, or for a final assault with fresh troops. With the planning Caesar made, his military campaigns were very successful. Due to Caesar's excellent campaigns, his assassination was a major loss to Rome and his influence on Roman armies and warfare were so great that when Caesar was no longer able to help, Rome fell through the hands of Octavian. The political power Caesar influenced the prosperity and happiness of Rome. His perception of prosperity in Rome dealt with mostly the Plebeians. He increased the number of senators from five hundred to nine hundred, and to fill the vacant seats he selected many of the plebeians. Due to the new jobs that Caesar gave the poor, they became faithful supporters. He also helped the poor by checking the spread of luxury throughout Rome to ensure that no one was living too richly or too poorly. The people of Rome loved Caesar, and that was one of the qualities that made him such a powerful leader. Caesar knew how to use the power he had and knew when he was abusing it; his power was used mostly for the good of Rome. An example of the use of his power would be the problem with the veterans. He gave thousands of Veterans pieces of land so that their family could farm and make money. This was also another way to make his soldiers fight...

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