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Cadbury Marketing Feeling Guilty For The Wrong Reasons

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Whilst most people love eating chocolate, they often feel a twinge of guilt for eating the fattening bar that was so delicious less than a minute before, however in New Zealand consumers have recently been feeling guilty for another reason. In 2009 it was discovered that Cadburys Chocolate have replaced Coco Butter with Palm Oil, a cheaper alternative that people claim has negative effects on the environment. Problems linked to the production of palm oil include the destruction habitat where endangered species live, (Sumatran Tiger and the Asian Rhinoceros amongst others) significant greenhouse gas emissions, and large scale deforestation. The ensuing outcry not just from the ...view middle of the document...

All of this green marketing did not go unnoticed by the world and its consumers, and now, “companies are moving to comply with this paradigm shift in thinking that would have gone almost unnoticed even 25 years ago.” ( But how important is it to ‘go green’ to be successful and if it is important, what examples are there where a company’s effort to do so have led on to success
Cars are the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of ‘going green’ with companies like Toyota developing hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius, which “has broken into the third spot behind the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus in worldwide car sales figures for the first quarter of 2012” ( Whilst this cannot be solely attributed to the fact that the car is a green hybrid car, Fig.1 (page 4) shows the marketing campaign for the car is aimed at people who favour green initiatives and for whom this would is a desirable sales point, however it also ends with the question “are you green yet?” as if to say, it’s this easy, just buy our product and you can be. This type of advertising is helping develop a culture where people are constantly told that perhaps they aren’t doing enough, resulting in them jumping on the ‘green’ bandwagon just as everyone else does even if personally they don’t have the same values they believe that they should have them, and perhaps that it is shameful not to. This success is an example of how smart green marketing has led to enormous success and whilst only eating chocolate that does not contain palm oil is low a priced “symbolic act of conspicuous consumption” people are ready to show that they are fully supporting this initiative buy making the Toyota Prius the third most sold car in the world.
As has been discussed previously, the green initiative does not only apply to the sale and production of motor vehicles, and as competition grows being part of the green initiative can be a benefit to help distinguish your product from another on the shelves. Cadbury is a member of the Fairtrade Organisation as of 2009 which means that it will have to comply with a set of guidelines that are set by the Fair Trade Organisation such as only sourcing renewable ingredients, and buying from approved traders that pay their workers. This global movement which started in the 1940s “Sales of fair trade products only really took off with the arrival of the first Fairtrade certification initiatives” (Renard, M.-C. (2003). "Fair Trade: quality, market and conventions" Journal of Rural Studies 19: 87–96) this is because “The independent certification allowed the goods to be sold outside the worldshops and into the mainstream” (FLO International: FLO's Main Tasks. FLO. 2006). This
The independent certification now allowed the Fair Trade logo to be placed on items sold out of supermarket chains...

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