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Caca Essay

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Outline process
 It gives you a definite sense of direction
 Organized list of the information you will use for the main part with support
 It is the “master plan” for your paper
 It is a useful tool to organize facts is a specific and timely manner so your reader can gain a quick view of your topic’s focus
Guidelines for writing a good/successful outline
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e. I. Introduction)
 Indented capital letters (A,B) for secondary divisions/subheadings (actually your supports)
 Further indented Arabic numerals/letters (1,2) for supporting example
 If you have a I (one), you must have at least a II (two)
 If you have an A, you must have a B and so on…
 Must state all ideas/supports in phrases (2 or more words per line)
 Use capital letters at the beginning of each word and for proper nouns
 No periods at the end of each phrase
 Double-spaced throughout (no extra spaces)
 Title is centered (do not bold, use CAPS, underline, or italicize)

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