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Cabling Assignment 1

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1. In your new position as a product specification specialist, it is your responsibility to review the end users’ requirements and specify products that will support them. Since you must ensure that the product is specified per recognized U.S. industry standards, you will be careful to identify that the customer request references the appropriate application and cabling standards. What industry standards body and standards series numbers do you need to reference for Ethernet applications and cabling?
The IEEE maintains the industry standards for Ethernet protocols (or applications). This is part of the 802.3 series of standards and includes applications such as 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, 10GBase-T, and 10GBase-SR.
2. An end user is interested in ensuring that the network cabling they install ...view middle of the document...

UTP is not an option and a shielded cable is necessary. The customer wants to ensure capability to operate at 10GBase-T. What cable would you recommend to offer the best shielding performance?
The best possible cable would be fiber since EMI has no effect on fiber optics and can easily do 10GBase-T, otherwise I would use Category 6A that is STP because it would help protect against EMI and can operate at 10GBase-T networking.

4. Your customer is building a traditional star network. They plan to route cable for horizontal links through the same space that is used for air circulation and HVAC systems. They plan to run cable vertically from their main equipment room to their telecommunications rooms on each floor of the building. What type of cable would you use for:
a) The horizontal spaces Plenum Cable
b) The vertical links- Risers Cables

5. Crosstalk is one of the key electrical phenomena that can interfere with the signal. There are various types of crosstalk: NEXT, FEXT, AXT, among others. This amount of crosstalk can be caused in various ways. What would you look for in trying to find fault if you had the following failures:
a) NEXT and FEXT problems in 1Gbps links
NEXT and FEXT problems in 1Gbps links - When finding fault in NEXT and FEXT the problem is usually too many twists in the cable although with NEXT the problem is at the same end of the cable that generated the signal whereas with FEXT the problem occurs at the opposite end of the cable where the signal was sent
b) Difficulty meeting 10Gbps performance requirements
Difficulty meeting 10Gbps performance requirements - Alien Crosstalk (AXT). As the signal rate increase in a cable, this form of crosstalk becomes more important. In Fact, this is a major source of interference, and a limiting factor, for running 10GBase-T (10Gbps) over UTP cabling.

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