Cabinet Of Japan Essay

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1. Introduction
2. Appointment
3. Powers
3.1 Powers exercised via the Emperor
3.2 Explicit powers
4. Current Cabinet of Japan
5. References

1. Introduction
The Cabinet of Japan is the executive branch of the government of Japan. It consists of the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Emperor after being designated by the National Diet, and up to nineteen other members, called Ministers of State. The Prime Minister is designated by the Diet, and the remaining ministers are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. The Cabinet is collectively responsible to the Diet and must resign if a motion of no confidence is adopted by the Diet.
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* Upon the first convocation of the Diet after a general election to the House of Representatives (even if every minister will then be reappointed).
* When the position Prime Minister becomes vacant, or the Prime Minister declares his intention to resign.
3. Power
The Cabinet exercises two kinds of power. Some of its powers, while in practice exercised in accordance with the binding instructions of the Cabinet, are nominally exercised by the Emperor with the "advice and approval" of the Cabinet. Its other class of powers are exercised by the Cabinet explicitly. Contrary to the practice in many constitutional monarchies, the Emperor of Japan is not even the nominal Chief Executive. Instead, the Constitution explicitly vests executive authority in the Cabinet.
In practice, much of the Cabinet's authority is exercised by the Prime Minister. Under the Constitution, the Prime Minister exercises "control and supervision" over the executive branch, and no law or Cabinet order can take effect without the Prime Minister's countersignature (and the Emperor's promulgation). While Cabinet Ministers in most other parliamentary regimes theoretically have some freedom of action (within the limits of cabinet collective responsibility), the Japanese Cabinet is effectively an extension of the Prime Minister's authority.
4.1. Powers exercised via the Emporor
* Promulgation of amendments to the laws, cabinet orders and treaties.
* Convocation of the Diet.
* Dissolution of the House of Representatives.
* Proclamation of general elections to the Diet.
* Receiving of foreign ambassadors and ministers.
* Conferring of honours.
4.2. Explicit powers
* Execution of the law.
* Conduct of foreign affairs.
* Conclusion of treaties (with the consent of the Diet).
* Administration of the civil service.
* Drafting of the budget (which must be adopted by the Diet).
* Adoption of cabinet orders.
* Granting of general amnesty, special amnesty, commutation of punishment, reprieve, and restoration of rights.
* Signing of laws or cabinet orders by the relevant Minister of State and countersigned by the Prime Minister.
* Appointment of the associate justices of the Supreme Court of Japan (except for the Chief Justice, who is designated by the Prime Minister and formally appointed by the Emperor).
* Appointment of vice-ministers (who are nominated by their respective Minister to whom they will report).

4. Current cabinet of Japan

Office | Incumbent |
Prime Minister | Shinzō Abe |
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Minister of State for Financial Services
Minister in charge of Overcoming Deflation | Tarō Asō |
Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications | Sanae Takaichi |
Minister of Justice | Mitsuhide Iwaki |
Minister of Foreign Affairs | Fumio Kishida |
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Minister in charge of Education Rebuilding...

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