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C200 – Managing Organizations & Leading People Task 2

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A Leadership Self Evaluation
A.1- See attached completed Seven Habits Profile
A.1.a. The Seven Habits Profile reveals several areas of success in leading as well as areas of opportunity for me to improve my leadership. I believe that my high scores in the emotional bank account and think win-win category are major contributing factors to my ability to synergize well with coworkers. I am a people person and I prefer to work as a team rather than individually. It is important to me that everyone on our team succeeds. I get to know my team members on a personal and professional level , know their challenges in life, so that I can help them overcome those challenges. It is my belief ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes I should prioritize caring for my family the way I prioritize caring for my employees. I need to invest in my family’s emotional bank accounts. These two areas together will help me to sharpen my sword, which is another area in which the Seven Habits Profile indicates improvement is needed.
Another area of weakness for me is failing to begin with the end in mind. I am guilty of making a list of tasks or goals and not prioritizing them. Often I get caught up in what is due next, the next deadline, rather than working on the most important item. Focusing on taking control of the things that are within my circle of influence is part of this prioritization.
Servant leaders collaborate well, are caring, value people and empower others (Focht & Ponton, 2015). Having scored more highly on those areas that involved synergizing well with others, encouraging everyone’s success, and investing in their emotional bank accounts, I believe my leadership style to be servant leadership.
A.2 - The Center for Servant Leadership defines a servant leader as a leader that “focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong” and “shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.” (Robert K Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, What is Servant Leadership, n.d,). Sokall studied the correlation between servant leadership and employee commitment in 2014 and found that “that servant leadership behaviors of a supervisor heighten employee commitment to the supervisor”. Commitment to a supervisor can decrease turnover and thus turnover costs (Macauley, 2015).
A.2a. I have several leadership strengths that are well suited to servant leadership. A key component in servant leadership is “trust in the leader and team psychological safety” (Sousa & Dierendonck, 2016, p.3). I build this trust and felt safety by paying attention to my team’s emotional wellbeing, making deposits in their emotional bank accounts. If a team member has a pressing family issue I encourage them to take the time needed to fix or aid that issue so that when they return to work they are less stressed and their minds are not split between stressors from work and home. Some leaders are hesitant to form personal relationships with subordinates because “emotional bond carries risks on the quality of decision making due to the fear of damaging relationships” (Sousa & Dierendonck, 2016, p.3). But I find that if you make enough positive deposits in people’s emotional bank accounts, it is easy to weather the storms of tougher news that needs to be delivered for the good of the whole.
Another strength I exhibit in leadership is the ability to build up my team members, while keeping them accountable. When everyone is encouraged to do their best and be their best, modeled in servant leadership, the whole group is elevated (Sousa & Dierendonck, 2016). Employees are...

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