By 1750 The English Colonies On The North American Mainland Had Matured And Changed. What Were The Key Ways In Which The Colonial Societies Of This Era (1700 1750) Differed From Those Of The Early 17th Century (1600

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European countries like France, England and Netherlands set up various colonies in America in the 17th century. After the initial struggle against disease, malnutrition and resistance from Native tribes, most of the colonies were well established by end of 17th and start of 18th century. Though every colony developed differently from 17th to 18th century, but all were still ruled by British government. There were significant changes in commerce, religious beliefs, cultural liberty but no major changes in the social equality and political liberty of the colonies during this time.
All colonies developed different economic systems based upon the weather and local resources. The major part ...view middle of the document...

(pg 93 Abbot et. al.) The colonial societies more resembled like British society with wide gap between rich and poor. Though the commerce had improved, but it was still controlled by the British Government policies. The same policies favored the rich and only people who owned property had right to vote.
The first 13 colonies were formed by religious groups based upon their religions. A part of these religious sects migrated to escape prosecution back in England due their believes. These religious groups like Puritans became fundamentalist and wanted everyone to follow their religious practices in early 17th century. The religious intolerance was wide spread during this time. As immigrants of other religions migrated, the colonial society became more religiously diverse by 18th century. The religious tolerance grew in this time. The advancement of science inspired many people and they started thinking about the scientific basis of life and natural laws. It gave way to Age of Enlightenment and its belief of power of human reason to improve the human condition. (pg 95 Abbot et. al.). The earlier rule that only church members could vote was abolished and voting right was extended to all Protestants. ( pg 10). In parallel to these advancements, the social disparity continued to grow and was openly seen in churches. In which people will sit in predetermined seat as per their social status in the society.
In the late 17th and the early 18th century, the British government started pushing for a centralized power in colonies. The government started...

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