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Buying Manager Essay

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Translating the dream “The vision” of the organization into a realty requires the involvement of each and every member in that organization. One man cannot perform all the tasks. After setting the objectives that are aligned with the overall vision and mission, those objectives are broken down and assigned to people. In other words, tasks delegation.
Delegation is the process of assigning responsibilities from one level to a lower level within the organization where those who delegate remains accountable for the outcomes (Wikipedia).
Delegation is a management skill, when effectively applied, gain the advantage of saving time, developing people, motivating and preparing for ...view middle of the document...

Authority flows from top to bottom and the delegator remains accountable for the outcomes.
Accountability means giving explanations for any variance in the actual performance from the expectations set. We cannot delegate the accountability. For example, if the supermarket division manager has a target of achieving additional 15000 RO to cover the drop in sales for a certain month, he divides this target among the departments’ managers. At the end of the month, if one of the subordinates failed to achieve his part of the target, the division manager is held accountable for the end result.
Steps of delegation
There are six steps for delegation, which are: Preparation, assigning, confirm understanding, commitment, avoiding back delegation and accountability.
- Preparation: For a successful outcome, the delegator should invest time to create discipline to know what he is asking for, employees cannot deliver the required if expectations kept changing.
- Assigning: Handing over deliverable with timing and budgets, providing the needed coaching to clear understanding, setting expectations for communication and follow up and being available to answer the questions.
- Confirm understanding: By confirming that the delegated to has a clear understanding of the task. Not understanding what is required can result in failure to achieve the end result. To confirm understanding, the delegator can ask for paraphrasing “How can you explain the task to another employee?”, and ask if the delegated to has the required...

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