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Butterflies Essay

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Sarah Johnson
Professor Te Punga Somerville
ENG 100
13 August 2013
Patricia Grace is a New Zealand writer of novels, short stories, and books for children. Grace is the most successful Maori writers in English. Her work has been acclaimed for its depiction of Maori culture in general as well as Maori diversity, and she helped give a voice to her culture and to reveal to the larger world what it means to be Maori. Grace has also written two novels and several children’s books. The format that Grace has used to write Butterflies is to show two different attitudes that conflict with each other.
The text is about two opposing sides, the granddaughter and the teacher ...view middle of the document...

The different points of view between the teacher and the granddaughter emerge due to different upbringings, life experience, and social background. The teacher sees from a different point of view from a farmer, who sees these butterflies as harmful. Indeed the wise grandfather always asks his granddaughter to listen to what the teacher says. “Listen to the teacher.” Is repeated twice in the piece; once both by the grandparents. He did not argue about the teacher’s opinion but he does tell the granddaughter that the teacher buys all her cabbage from the supermarket; which is his way of understanding.
The teacher believes that the views of the student are not correct, and butterflies are beautiful creatures that deserve admiration instead of cruel and violent deaths (as these may be proved to traumatizing for the poor little creatures). There is not really a protagonist or antagonist, but in a sense the girl could be considered a protagonist and the teacher, an antagonist. The girl is innocent and molded by the people who are around her. The teacher has definite opinions and seems somewhat obdurate. By providing some explanation for the view of both, the author makes both views understandable.
In the educational field, the teacher may see the punishment is a good...

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