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Butter Essay

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Discussion - "Mr. Peanut's Alter Ego Leads Kraft Into Planters Butter" - Can Planters succeed in the peanut butter business? What do you think of its strategy of targeting adults? How would you position Planters peanut butter to compete with strong incumbents? - Due Sunday, October 14th

I agree on what you are saying. For company perspective, Planters, as “nut experts”, can modify and enhance current ...view middle of the document...

They care about how the produce suit for them. Planters did really well in nut products, and they have enough experience and loyal customers. However, Planters have lots of competitors. So, I just say that Planters have an opportunity at succeeding. The company may fail, but it depends on how the strategy they use.

I really agree he say that adults’ purchase habit will affect future generations. Adults will be great target, but I think we still need to detail the adult target. The different products will get more profits and customers, such as sugar added peanut butter for someone really like the taste of peanut, or low fat peanut butter for women.

In China, you can find lots of the same cases like Planters. Most of succeeded companies focus on advertisement. They spend large amounts of money to promote their new products. You can see their products in TV, newspapers and website. They change your mind step by step from being aware of the products to select the products, and finally to be loyal customers. However, it is risky. How to beat the competitors is not the problem, how to balance the budget does.

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