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Bussiness Use Essay

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There are a lot of places where you want to start looking at when you want to
use business rules instead of just the process logic that we might find within
the business process management system. If you have, from an operational
standpoint, things like complex routing rules and work selection, things that are
fairly complex, rules about how a business operates, it might be becoming clear
that you’re going to want to be considering business rules at this point in the
process. Also, if you want to be able to change work while it’s inflight, in other
words you want to change your process without changing the process map, you
want to be able to change, for ...view middle of the document...

To sum up, just some key things. First of all, and I know all the vendors say this
as well, you really want to start small. You want to look to having a quick return
on investment, minimize the complexity up front. Do simpler things sooner, get
something into production sooner, and you’re going to see a much better ROI
within your first BPM initiative.
The second thing, and I didn’t really cover this that much in this session, it was
more in the previous two webinars, is to let the process specialists drive the
process design. If you let the users drive the process design, they tend to just
create a business process that looks exactly like the manual design, so they’re just
paving the cow path. You don’t get a lot of process improvement that way. If you
let the technologists drive the process design, they tend to look at things that are
business requirements and just say, oh, it’s kind of hard to do that one. Let’s just
ignore that one. So you end up with a process design that doesn’t actually meet
the business requirements. You really need a process analyst in the middle, a
process specialist who can understand both sides of things, who can bring some
analytical skills to the table in order to drive that processes design while still

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