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Bussiness Plan Essay

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Executive Summary

City Area Parent Support (CAPS) are looking into the development of a new project, the project will serve parents and carers whom are caring for a loved one struggling with substance misuse issues or addiction. Evening Support Sessions (The ESS Group) will give carers an opportunity to engage in structured group support sessions.

CAPS have identified through research a gap in provision for those carers who perhaps can’t access support because of other responsibilities such as needing to work, within the typical service delivery hours of between 9am & 5pm. This project will serve any parent or carer living in the City area including surrounding areas. This will be a ...view middle of the document...

This project enables these parents/carers to meet others in a similar situation.


• To raise awareness of social issues and address drug and alcohol concerns within the community
• To provide a focal point for parents/carers to receive information and support in a safe environment
• To develop activities within the area as a means of improving health, education, employment, increasing confidence and reducing isolation
• To pursue these objectives with due regard to equality of opportunity and without discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion, gender or sexuality

(CAPS Annual Report 2012)

Needs Assessment

Although CAPS strive to deliver their services to all existing and potential clients providing a drop in service 4 days of the week along with a 24 hour crisis helpline. Face to face support is currently only available Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm, recently we have observed clients who are in full time employment finding it difficult to access any face to face support and we began to consider would an evening session be something we could provide to both existing and any potential clients to promote equality for all service users and in effect removing any barriers to provision.


Research was conducted over a 3 month period looking into the lives of carers of drug and/or alcohol users. The research was carried out by 9 carers who have all been trained in research techniques and the main aim of the research was to highlight the voices of some of the most vulnerable members of our society and to present the findings to local councillors, researchers, staff from both statutory and third sector, government office and those working in carer organisations to hopefully better inform them of the issues carers face and help other agencies to meet their aims and objectives.

As an unplanned part of the research CAPS were able to identify gaps in provision within the employment section of the final written report. 34% of respondents were in employment but reported having difficulties holding down their job due to their caring role and 17% claimed they were unable to access support because of the typical 9 – 5 service hours. Along with this we then looked into similar organisations in the area and discovered that none were offering face to face support after the hours of 5pm and although out of hours telephone support could be available this was usually only used in crisis situations. (Author, 2011)

Furthermore following a retendering process and a new service delivery model, City’s drug and alcohol services have been massively affected. Prior to the 1st of July which was when the changes went live, City had 7 organisations delivering different levels or approaches to drug/alcohol support or treatment all 7 were commissioned to deliver these services each receiving different amounts of public money. From the former 7 services only 3 remain and they have...

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