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Bussiness Essay

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ys an exchange of some type of currency that played a part in not only an economy but society. Our lives are tied to business. When we get up to go to work in the morning; we are going to a business which may be another's or our own. These businesses are what pays for our mortgages, our clothing, cars, and so on. Businesses generate money which stimulates our economy; that is forever evolving and shaping the lives around us. When we make our purchases we give the opportunity for businesses to thrive. A thriving business will stabilize employment for many. With employment comes a salary. This salary is then put back into the economy with the purchases that we make. If you see where I'm going ...view middle of the document...

A nonprofit organization is formed for the common good of the public. All nonprofit organizations have a specific purpose. An example of a nonprofit organization is MADD. Mother against drunk driving is a nonprofit organization that donates their proceeds for educational purposes. All nonprofit profits go back into the organization to keep it funded whereas for-profit organizations go back to the owners of the organization for what ever purpose they wish. Nonprofit organizations get tax exemptions whereas for-profit organizations must pay taxes back. This makes sense because nonprofit organizations are spending their own money to generate the organization and for-profit is using the money for themselves. Nonprofit organizations don't stimulate the economy at all. For-profit organizations stimulate the economy by putting money into the pockets of the owners.
The current monetary policy in the United States is managed by the Federal Reserve. During our current “economic crisis” the Federal Government has taken the responsibility of “bailing out” financial firms. The monetary policy decides what interest rates should be. I believe that bailing out these financial firms has set the federal reserve back a great deal. This bailout has effected all government expenses. An example of some important expenses the government supports are: Medicare, social security, and national defense. All of these areas of funding have been cut back due to the lack of money the Feds have to support them, When looking at the macro spec of this the people of our country are the ones affected by this. When a family is relying on their social security to pay for some of their expenses they have to cut back their budget. This is hard on the American families because it is hard to get a job right now because of the lack of employment due to failing businesses. The fiscal policy in our country is the government's decisions to boost jobs and curb inflation. We...

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