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Unit 4 – Hypothesis Testing & Variance
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Intrinsic factors about job satisfaction were analyzed to determine if there was any correlation between genders and extrinsic factors about job satisfaction were analyzed to determine if there was any correlation between hourly vs. salaried workers. There was not enough evidence to conclude the former, but there was for the latter.

The lesson required the student to use statistics to formulate hypotheses about office job satisfaction surveys and then test them to see if those same hypotheses should be rejected. The student was required to use Excel to conduct t ...view middle of the document...

The information is valuable so that the manager can focus their efforts in other areas as this is not a problem area.
Hypothesis Test #2 Looking at Extrinsic Satisfaction by Position
Null and alternate hypotheses

( = .05)
The test
A separate F test was conducted to confirm that the sample variances (S12 and S22) were unequal. From this result, the two-tailed Student’s t test was done with both sampled standard deviations (Johnson, 1976). Using Excel’s TTEST function, the probability that the populations have the same mean extrinsic job satisfaction was 0.967.
The significance level () was given as 0.05. The test statistic t was computed to be 0.04142. Using Excel’s TINV function with 16 degrees of freedom and a probability of 0.05, the critical value for t was found to be 2.12.
State your decision
The analysis indicates that I should reject the null hypothesis statement.
Explanation of decision made
The test statistic (t= 0.04142) is not in the rejection region (T< 2.12), therefore, reject the null hypothesis.
Applications for managers
The hourly workers clearly have a lower level of extrinsic job satisfaction than their salaried counterparts. This could be used in determining new ways to motivate employees and for management to be prepared for labor negations.

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