Businesses Need To Invest In Creative Thinking If They Want To Be Successful

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Businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful

With the rapid development of global economy, creative thinking is playing more important role in the global economic competition due to the fact that traditional ways can hardly keep up with the pace of increasing complexities and differentiated needs. As a result ,This essay will discuss the necessity and importance of creative thinking for success in business.

Serrat (2009) argues that human resource is the most important factor to produce creativity and the world will remain the original level without innovation. This is especially true when we look back the history of social developments that ...view middle of the document...

(Benady,2008). It implies that companies have to shed traditional thinking ways and create new things. For example, traditional corporations always broadcast advertisements on TV to publicity the products. Nevertheless, an increasing number of companies prefer to market advertising board in metro stations and make some advertising movies in public areas. Furthermore, sales volume of products will be increased by using some creative sales modes properly. It has been successfully illustrated that APPLE company always launches limited edition products when they release new items and it engages many users to queue to purchase the newest products.

On the other hand, creative thinking enables leaders to make correct decisions. This concept is generally accepted by the public and a large amount of evidence has been proved that creative employers can accelerate companies to be successful. As is well known, Steven Paul Jobs, the CEO and one of the founders of Apple company, has led a revolution in digital world by smart phones of strong functions with his distinctive thinking and extraordinary vision. Nowadays, smart phones are not only cell phones but more like mini computers with the functions of digital cameras, GPS and all functions of laptops. People use it to read, to chat...

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