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Business Writing Portfolio Essay

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Business Writing Portfolio





The work of a Public Relations Manager is to keep employees updated on the relevant information pertaining to the company. He/ she have to inform the relevant stakeholders about changes in corporate policy which is likely to cause impact on operation, revenue and the general reputation of the company. One such scenario of changes may take place due to rise in the cost of gas. The adverse effect may be felt when retail hours are being adopted in order to acclimatize with the changes. In this situation, public relations manager must inform ...view middle of the document...

The second step in this category should involve the type of the message to be sent to the stakeholders. The messages in this case should be easier to follow and should be successful in delivery. The third step involves analysis. The public relations manager should be able to analyze the outcome of the message, make follow-ups and set out the recovery strategy in areas where set back is felt.
Each step in business writing is important. This is because it allows the audience to know what the dilemmas are, think of the alternative methods, make prompt decisions on how to address customers, have possible reasons that the customers would accept and understand the situation, address negative information, give alternate method and more importantly end up with a positive solution as possible.
Business writing portfolio
The first portfolio should be a letter to the store managers from the public relations managers. An example of this kind of a letter should be:
Clothing chain store
Store manager: letter
In recognition of our efforts to better our business and maintain our esteem customers, I have decided to change our retail store operations. This is a result of rise in gas prices and the increased operating expenses. This is forcing us to change our store policies. It has become necessary that we change our store hours. First, all our stores will be closed on Sundays. Mondays through Saturdays, stores will be opening hour later and closing one hour before. For all full time employees and managers, there will no longer be 8hour work week. There will now be 10 hour shift, for four days a week. For all part time employees, hours will be consolidated three days work weeks.
It should be noted that these changes are not suppose to benefit our organization but also our employees, as it will allow everyone to save money. In an attempt to put more efforts to save money on gas, I would like to inform you that we will not be able to open new stores and will not be able to close any store.
It was relevant to us to let you know of the changes as we entrust our services on you especially on keeping our customers and together in bringing the success of the company forward. I hereby request that this information to the forwarded to all staff members. Please do not hesitate to contact us should there be any concerns and questions. Thank you for all your efforts and the outstanding service. From: public relations manager; date: 07/07/2011; subject:...

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