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Business Writing Essay

1002 words - 5 pages

Max one page resume for position in your field
Improve your business writing
1. Audience oriented (who is my audience)
2. Purposeful (why am I writing to you, specific wording, one thing at a time. Reader can choose which one is better if option)
3. Economical (less is more) less words is better
* To improve writing skills, you need
1. To learn effective writing process
2. To study model messages
3. To practice
* The writing process
1. Stage1 Analyzing(who am I writing to?) Analyzing, anticipating, adapting
2. Stage 2 Writing researching, organizing ,composing
3. Stage 3 Revising revising, proofreading ,evaluating
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Example 2:
Instead of : Employees may use the Market Street entrance during remodeling.
Try this: We can fill your order once we receive an exact model number.

Hidden Messages
Some words and phrases convey a negative and unpleasant tone. They may imply a hidden message that the writer does not intent. Think twice before using the following negative expressions.

Negative Language:
* You overlooked
* You state that
* You failed to
* You claim that
* You are wrong
* You do not understand
* Your delay
* You forget to
* Hidden Message:
* You are careless
* But I don’t believe you
* You are cureless
* it’s probably untrue
* I am right
* You are not very bright
* You are at fault
* You are inefficient and careless.
Inclusive Language
Inclusive language avoids
* Discriminatory comments
* Gender – specific job titles and salutations, and (Do not use pronounce mistake)
* Overuse of masculine pronouns
* To achieve these qualities try the following:
Replace the pronoun with a noun
Rewrite the sentence for plural pronouns.
Use masculine/feminine pronouns.
* Emphasis etc.
Use vivid, descriptive words. Vivid words are emphatic because the reader can picture ideas clearly.
Label the main idea. If an idea is significant, tell the reader.
* **More than 5 things, use bullet.
* **For more than 10 things, one way to do it is use the first three things in bullet and then one sentence, another three bullet and one sentence.
Place important ideas in simple sentences
* **11 words can be easily remember if form an one sentence.
* One sentences can cover what, when, why, connection words.
* After you finish your e-mail. Read each paragraph
Use general words
Place bad news in a complex sentence. Try to keep the bad news in the dependent part of that sentence, i.e: We have a plan that will allow you to fill your immediate needs on a cash basis since we cannot issue credit on this time.
* Active vs. Passive Voice
* **** Not yet finished
Use the active voice for most business writing. e.g. The sales reps brokie numerous records this...

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