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Business Work Essay

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OCR Cambridge TECHNICAL (Certificate/Diploma) in IT
Unit 23 – Database Design

P7: Explain how you have met the end user requirements

Task 7 (P7.1) – Explain how you have met the end user requirements. Explain how the functionality and operations work.

With Microsoft Access I have created a database. The Database has been made to help staff and Equest systems to carry out then business sales operations effectively and efficiently. The Database which I have created is a computer based Database; it is produced for EQuest System. In this Database you can discover that I have made it easy so it user friendly. Firstly I have created tables; the first table which I have created is a customer table. In this table there is information of the customers such as the place where they live and there personal details such as their phone number, email, name and last name, their company ,their ...view middle of the document...

| Make sure the text boxes are the same size and width | I am expecting different text box sizes and different font sizes on the tables | The outcome of the test was all the fonts and text boxes were the same size | There is no action needed for this test |
Queries | I am checking if my queries with parameters are fully functional. | I am expecting a few queries to be working fully | The outcome was, that all my queries are working fully | The outcome was that all my queries are working fully. It is not necessary to take action |
Forms | The CustomerTbl shows all the fields for the customer table and can be edited | All the customers and they data will show and can then be edited. The logo in each of the different forms should be in the top right hand side and the font size should be the same (size 11) | All of the customer’s with their data shows and can then be edited | There was no need to take any action as the report works |
Reports | Labels CustomerTBL | This report needs to match the address labels from my customer table. In a report view. | The outcome of the test was that some address labels did not match | I fixed the errors which were shown on the outcome of the test. |
Navigation | Testing the Next form buttons | The buttons that allows the user to go to the next record | All of the buttons within this database which allows the user to go to the next record works as it is designed to do | No action is needed from the outcome of this test. The buttons responded correctly. |
Switchboard | I am testing if the button which closes the application Microsoft Access | The option on the main menu part of the switchboard Exit Access | It closed the whole application | No Actioned need for this test. |
| I am testing the “Close Equest Database” button | I am expecting the Button to close the Database | The outcome was when I pressed this button it closed the whole MS Access Application | I need to make a Macro that will Exit Access on command. and delete the original macro which is already on the button I do this by modifying in the Switchboard manager. |

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