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The company should not be allowed to ask these questions. To begin with the questions have nothing to do with required skills or knowledge based on the job. These questions allow employers to discriminate based on sex, political, and religious beliefs. The company's practice or policy should evaluate the employees skills related to the particular job. North Carolina is not allowed to use political information to make decisions about people. In school we are taught how to handle the situation when asked similar questions in an interview. Employers that use such social media sites like face book to obtain information about an applicant can be against the law. This allows them to ...view middle of the document...

5. The personality requirements of the job description can be examined through job analysis.
6. Incremental validity seeks to answer if the new test adds much information that might be obtained with simpler, already existing methods. Yes this term does relate to personality traits.
Part B
1. The Core-Self-Evaluations Scale is a broad and general personality trait comprised of four heavily researched traits: 1. self-esteem (the overall value that one places on oneself as an individual); 2. Self-efficacy (an evaluation of how well one can perform across situations); 3. Neuroticism (the tendency to focus on the negative); and 4. Locus of control (the extent to which one believes s/he has control over life's events). The core self-evaluation is a basic assessment of one's capability and potential. Research with this new 12-item instrument that purports to measure Core-Self-Evaluation shows scores on the scale are correlated with job performance and that CSE has incremental validity over the five-factor model
2. To select sales personnel, I would use the personality test only because in this job you deal with customers face to face and need to have the right qualifies and great communication skills.

To be able to test the theories of discrimination, Ford should follow the measurement process. This allows the raters to make comparisons that provides factual information and gives the people something to look at with answers. The comparisons are among the performances, anchors, and comparison to anchors. As a consultant to Ford, there are several implications that should be analyzed and documented. You should first have a well designed appraisal system. This will include the measurement content, measurement process, control of rating errors and bias, and defining of the rater and ratee. The criteria of the performance measurement should include quality, quantity, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, need for supervision, and interpersonal impact. These six criteria usually are relevant to any job. This also allows the employee to have feedback once the evaluation is over. A forced distribution in the measurement process presents the rater with a limited number of categories and requires the rater to place a designated portion of the ratees into each category. Research on forced distribution is not favorable which may explain why most no longer rely on it. Companies that use the forced distribution found to have a lower overall evaluation of the appraisal system compared to other approaches. As far as the disparate impact, employees of Ford can use this theory against the discrimination due to some of the employees getting promotions and some getting terminated. Prima facie evidence such as the 80% rule is considered to be the single best predictor of the outcome of cases involving PA. Bottom line of organizations: An organization is in trouble if it gets sued if it has violated the 80% rule in its decisions based on the use of the flawed...

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