Business Values And Ethics Essay

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Define Values and Ethics

GEN 200

May 26, 2010

Define Values and Ethics

Values and ethics are very important to any firm or corporate business. First of all, what do we mean by values and ethics. In 1986 the theme for the Army was values. The listed four organizational values are loyalty, duty, and selfless of services. The four individual values are commitment, candor, and courage. (2008, April 19). Values provide the basis for judgment about what is important for the organization in its business. Values are embodiment of what an organization stands for, and should be the basis for behavior of its members.
How do value relate to ethics? Values are what we, as a ...view middle of the document...

Respect in the workplace, respect is essential in the workplace, from the sanitary engineer (janitor) to the CEO, everyone wants to feel respected. People want to feel their lives, their desires, their goals, and their opinions mean something. Therefore the first step in effective communication is to make the other person believe they have your respect.
Professional values can influence career success when their behavior reflects high
morals and values. Exhibiting both personal and professional values like loyalty, honesty, dependability, and integrity plays a key role in promoting a “positive work environment”. The person that consistently focuses on “doing the right thing”, demonstrates that they are a person with a strong sense of integrity. Integrity encompasses a wide range of subject matters and covers many different behaviors; the simple act of not participating in gossiping about a coworker, to not engaging in any illegal activities is a very small representation. Simply stated, “Be honest in your dealings with, collogues, clients, business partners and suppliers.” (Positive Work Behaviors: 8 Straightforward Tips For Moving Up the Corporate Ladder) It is inevitable that someone that possesses and demonstrates this professional value will find themselves in a place of respect and distinction among their coworker as well as their supervisors.
Maintaining a clear sense of showing respect to others is another demonstration of the professional behavior that not only will ensure professional success, but will reflect the personal belief that a strong sense of morality necessary for career success. Insuring that you maintain a reputation for fair and...

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