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Business Systems Essay

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Chapter 1
1. What is information systems analysis and design?
Information systems analysis and design is a method used by companies ranging from IBM to PepsiCo to Sony to create and maintain information systems that perform basic business functions such as keeping track of customer names and addresses, processing orders, and paying employees. The main goal of systems analysis and design is to improve organizational systems, typically through applying software that can help employees accomplish key business tasks more easily and efficiently.

8. What is JAD? What is participatory design?
JAD is a structured process in which users, managers, and analysts work together for several days in a series of intensive meetings to specify or review system requirements. The idea behind JAD is to structure the requirements determination phase of analysis and the reviews that occur as part of the design. Users, ...view middle of the document...

Issuing an RFP gives the analyst the opportunity to have vendors conduct the research you need in order to decide among various options. The analyst can request that each bid submitted by a vendor contain certain information essential for you to decide on what best fits your needs. The analyst can ask for performance information related to speed and number of operations per second, ask about machine reliability and service availability and whether an installation is located nearby that you can visit for more information. Also the analyst can ask to take part in a demonstration of the hardware. The bid will also include information on cost.

4. What methods can a systems analyst employ to verify vendor claims about a software package?
A system analyst can use several methods to verify vendor claims about a software package by using the software themselves and running it through a series of tests based on the criteria for selecting software may provide the best route for evaluation, to test not only the software, but also the documentation, the training materials, and even the technical support facilities. As the system analyst you can place on prospective software vendors as part of the bidding process is that they install (free or at an agreed-upon cost) their software for a limited amount of time on your computers. In doing this, you can determine how their software works in your environment, not in some optimized environment they have. One of the most reliable and insightful sources of feedback is other users of the software. Vendors will usually provide a list of customers (remember, they will naturally tell you about satisfied customers, so you may have to probe for a cross section of customers) and people who are willing to be contacted by prospective customers. To gain a range of opinions about possible packages, you can use independent software testing services that periodically evaluate software and collect user opinions. Such surveys are available for a fee either as subscription services or on demand.

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