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Business Success Essay

330 words - 2 pages

Brianna Taylor

1. How does push technology differ from spam?
In push technology, businesses and organizations come to you via technology with information, services, and product offerings based on your profile.

2. What is disintermediation? How does the F2b2C e-commerce model support disintermediation?
Disintermediation is the use of the Internet as delivery vehicle, whereby intermediate players in a distribution channel can be bypassed. The business is simply an Internet intermediary ...view middle of the document...

5. What are the devices commonly associated with virtual reality?
Virtual reality devices that are commonly associated are glove, headset and walker.

6. What role do haptic interfaces play?
Haptic interfaces use technology to add the sense of touch to an environment that previously only had visual and textual elements.

7. What is the best form of personal identification?
The best form of personal identification encompasses what you know, what you have and who are you.
8. How can you expect smartphones to change in the future?
I expect to smartphones to replace credit cards in the future and the use of cash and most consumer transactions will be used via smartphones.

9. What is RFID?
RIFD uses a microchip in a tag or label to store information, and information is transmitted from, or written to, the tag or label when the microchip is exposed to the correct frequency or radio waves.

10. How does nanotechnology differ from traditional manufacturing?
Nanotechnology seeks to control matter at the atomic and sub-atomic levels for the purpose of building devices on the same small scale compared to traditional manufacturing that starts with something large and continually compresses and slices it until it becomes the desired small size.

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