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Business Strategy Nestle Presentation Essay

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Attention: Is a long msg….MUST read all cos is important ><
Hey guys, let’s discuss about Mr.Wilson group assignment…During this weekend,if free, hope u guys can see through about Nestle and may give some idea about our presentation & essay outline^^ Below is just my opinion of our outline & I don’t is correct onot?????….I hope u guys may make changes to improve it^^
This is the question: Drawing on a specific organization or industry, provide a case study to explore the extent to which international companies adapt to local needs.
Basically is about CULTURE.
So, We are choosing Nestle…we need to write 1k summary of our Case study & Case study is an in-depth analysis ...view middle of the document...

style’, how motivate employee, can link bec to their organizational culture what problem they faced, How nestle came out with solution, decentralize/centralize..roughly is about their internal culture & use theory like Hosftede or others theory refer to the note slides on ‘culture & consequences’(power distance all)

(No 2 & 3 I hope is Mint & Hui Ling do because I Believe on ur ability to do research cos got no other member can do this =) (Let’s use eachother strength & weaknesses to cover eachother since we are a great team..hehe=P)

4. Implication of wider business practises meaning the application for the theory/suggestion????
(This part I’m not sure what is it)
(This part maybe refer back to No.2 & 3, the good & bad implication of using certain culture??? & give real life examples like what Nestle products had meet local needs, their failure product & their recovery? & how they survived back from certain country culture? how nestle had motivated their staffs or got...

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