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Business Strategy Game Final Essay

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1.In the business strategy game one should buy plant upgrades early in the game, because it has an accumulative effect. In the "Plant Capacity" screen you are given four different plant upgrade options per plant. Depending on what your strategy is, one should upgrade their plant in each region with at least two different options.

2. In the "Branded Production" screen you will want to make TQM/sigma six have a value of 2.50 because it helps you achieve a higher SQ rating and set Best Practices at 5000 because it will save you money per pair of shoes produced. Keep these values the same from the start of the game and until the end because they also have an accumulative effect. The business ...view middle of the document...

In addition, if you are able to secure these markets you force your competitors out of the private label competition. Produce at the lowest S/Q rating for private label competition and make your bid price low so that it beats out everyone else (but so that you make a profit of at least $1.00 per pair of shoes). A winning strategy would be to produce enough pairs to supply 50% - 100% of the private label market for the geographic regions in which you are bidding. is a learning reference designed to help show you how to win at the "BSG" (bsg-online) business strategy game, by providing a full video tutorial. There are many sites that explain the rules and offer tips, but it is very hard to grasp the concept of the game without visual aids. Next we are going to go into detail about "The BSG Game."

The Business Strategy Game (bsg-online) is an application that is played online, where class members are divided into teams that have to create a winning strategy while they are given the task of running an athletic footwear company against companies managed by other class members. There is brutal competition among companies and class members because the final overall score represents a percentage of one's grade; it is usually a large percentage. The business strategy game (bsg-online) is almost identical to the actual athletic footwear industry. In comparison to the real-world, companies...

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