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Business Strategy Development Essay

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Our Vision
To create a strong international brand name in the construction and its allied Industry

Our Mission Statement
To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. To ensure the longevity of our company achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service minded attitudes.

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HANEDA Group Companies & Affiliates Introduction ...view middle of the document...

The combination is: VietMC supply high-skilled Vietnamese workers for contracts and Haneda supply management (high level position such as Japanese-Indian-Malaysian-Filipinos…project managers, engineers, foremen, supervisors seleted and managed by Haneda). The major projects carried out by VietMC and Haneda are under the form of Manpower contractor. International Manpower Supplying and Construction JSC (NIBELC) is a state-owned company, established in 1968 and transformed to JSC Company in 2005. By taking the state shares from SCIC Corporation, VietMC has become the biggest shareholder of NIBELC. NIBELC specializes on training high-level technicians, manpower export and building national civil works. NIBELC, a technical trainning and manpower company, has Manpower Export License No.: 77/LDTBXH-GP (License renewed on March, 11, 2008). NIBELC is just a manpower supplying company specializing on training and exporting labor while VietMC operates as a manpower contractor. By implementing the social and working policy, in the last 40 years, NIBELC always follows the guidance of Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and has had a lot of contributions for the society. Besides, with over 15 years in vocational training and manpower exporting, NIBELC already supplied thousands of Vietnamese for the international projects all over the world, which brings benefits to the labors and contributes to the nation development. With the advantages of location and infrastructure, NIBECL can get resident training for 500 labors at the same times and training capacity is over 4000 trainees per year. The basic training fields are: construction, transportation, operating motorized equipments, housemaids, workers, foreign languages, service training…. Haneda Trading & Construction Sdn. Bhd., established in the year 1967, by our founder, Mr. I. Muniandy, whose humble, sincere, honest, hardworking and fairness philosophy since the early years gained invaluable trusts, from our multi-national Japanese principals and since grown from manpower, equipment supplier competent in earthworks, quarry works, tunnel works, roads, highway works, dam construction, bridge construction, civil and high-rise buildings construction. The strong relationship built through the years with the various multi-national Clients helps provide us with our main source of business today and remains the company’s focus of discipline, good work ethics and further respecting the various multinational customs and cultures. This has, lead the company to adopt a very successful work administration system and implementation of projects worldwide. Teamwork is our company motto adopted for working, growing and improving together with our staff, sub-contractors and suppliers; thus, resulting the company to stand on firm and stable grounds.

It is with this background and strong footing that one of the company’s core business undertakings includes the mobilization and management of large Manpower...

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