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* Enron was one of the worst companies who lied about everything
* Employees had 70% of their

Martha Stewart
A sign of a new era in chapter 7 textbook. We are not going to be putting up with things now.

IBM, chapter 8, p.
* Why did ibm not have any women managers?
Tradition of the corp was:
Fired all the men and hired all women
IBM isn t much better than any other company with regard to women.

* Issue: whether or not we practice the ethics we learned: treat others how we want to be treated; do unto others as you would
* Businesses are requiring a group of laws that state we are treat everyone equal.
* The govt , the courts, are ...view middle of the document...

Complex Questions:
Have any of you drank raw milk (unpasteurized)? 100 yrs ago pasteurization became popular because you did not get sick as often; govt said you have to drink pasteurized milk.
The folks who want to drink raw milk are angry, because they see it as the govt trying to make everyone drink pasteurized. Is it ethical to have the govt tell you how to drink milk?
PA are one of the biggest producers of milk.
* Do we want arab oil?
* Do we want Marcellis Shale who may taint the water?
* IKEA: geothermal pump to heat and cool their buildings who want the govt to say this is a preferred method.; b/c IKEA thinks it is their ethical duty to
* IKEA wants the govt to do it in everywhere: house, city block, but the cost of investment is that it takes 10-20 years to pay it back to be cost effective; it does not create the carbon footprint like oil and gas.
* When should the govt intervene? When is it appropriate for govt intervention?
A corp can do almost anything they want to do with employment law, except in………………………………….
Value added citizens: you can be more than …. In our papers.
IDEA: studies show heavy drinkers out live teatakers, but moderate drinkers out live everyone. Is it too much govt intervention to have the govt state it is ok to drink in moderation but not to drink heavily. At some point, govt regulates alcohol and drugs.
Up to 2 or 3 drinks a day is not bad...

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