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Business Review

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Wireless IP Solutions Enhancement Business Plan
2014 September 17 draft
Rosemary Thorsen TBS Complex Mobile Solutions

  

Market Problem and Opportunity Market Analysis Market & Product Strategy

 

Product Requirements
Project Schedule Business Advantages

 

Success Criteria
Risk Assessment Implementation & Launch Plans

Financial Data
2 TELUS Confidential


Market Problem and Opportunity

Wireless IP Solution Portfolio – Problem and Opportunity
What was this portfolio designed for?


- Originally designed to support CDMA Architecture 7 years ago - Built to implement 2 to 3 enterprise clients per month - Focused on ...view middle of the document... with TWO static IP addresses on the same device

Coin Acceptance
Private connectivity for diagnostics and control, internet access for wifi communication Extend business grade network security to Smartphones and tablet s 2 tunnels and a single APN: 1. From a specific IP and Port to a specific Server on one tunnel 2. All other traffic up to the TELUS internet. IP Bridge

Multiple Service Profile


TELUS Confidential

TELUS restricted and confidential– not for distribution


Securing Success of Internet of Things (IoT) with WIPS Enhancement
Success Factors
Secure Data extension on Cloud Multiple usage identities on single device SIPA-like functionality using Internet

New WIPS Services MultiApplication Profile

Value Add
Connect US and International based Business Customers Simultaneous processing – payment processing , diagnostics, and inventory Superior security and flexibility over Rogers

US/International based Smart Car, Connected Home providers Retailers, Aggregators, Business/Personal Smartphone integration Security Solution Providers (alarming, Smart Home/Car)

Data Anywhere

Benefits to TELUS

• Provide security and communication control differentiation to grow machine-to-machine and TBS market share • TELUS Wireless IP Solutions solution suite enhances data services by enabling remote (anywhere from world) mobile connectivity and communication in a secure, private and reliable manner

Benefits to the Customer

• Highest level of security (risk avoided) provided by bypassing and restricting public internet access, enabling seamless mobilization of business application with decreased downtime (productivity) and simpler IT management (less FTEs and lower opex/capex) due to purpose built architecture and fewer network components


TELUS Confidential


Market Analysis

Target Market and Customer
New Services
IP Bridge Data Anywhere Multiple Service Profile Service Select SIPA & CUG Extension Retail and M2M TBS B-BAN

Retail and M2M Retail and M2M Retail and M2M

TBS B-BAN, ENT, TQ, Partner Solutions TBS B-BAN, ENT, TQ, Partner Solutions TBS B-BAN, ENT, TQ, Partner Solutions


TELUS Confidential


Competitive Landscape
TELUS Dedicated enterprise wireless core network Premium Support across Tier 1, 2 3 (24/7, SPOC across wireline and wireless) Pricing flexibility Seamless mobilization of enterprise apps (means no application customization required by client) Service Level Agreement (SLA / SLOs) on Wireless Purpose-built solution for each enterprise Minimum subscriber requirement Multiple private network for each enterprise (Ex: RCMP can have multiple sub networks which are private to each other) Service Interval  Dedicated  Rogers Shared with consumer

 Defined   Not defined

45 days (15 days-CUG)

40 days

IPv6 Ready (key differentiator) Auto-provisioning (Tesla example of Over the Air) Seamless transition...

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