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Business Research Methods, Part I Essay

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Business Research Methods
Team A’s paper focuses on the University of Phoenix Business Methods and the development of different research methods to run a successful organization. We will determine a question arising from an organizational dilemma and different methods that could help with various obstacles. We will also describe how an appropriate research design will be developed for UOP to describe its dependent and independent variables. Our team will also identify a sample design that is effective and helps saves money. Our paper will address different ways to collect and sample data to address different issues that an organization may have and the procedures that will make the ...view middle of the document...

Exploratory and formal are two categories of a research design. Exploratory is mostly use to create the lines of questioning or theory regarding the set research, while formal is utilized after the assumption or inquiry has been made. The category best fit for UOP, would be to exist under a formal research design due to its pre-existing lines of investigative measures with the other branches within the university system. As UOP begins to delve into this design the power over the variables whether dependent or independent can be influenced by the design being experimental or ex post facto. Experimental determines whether each variable within the research has a direct link to its other components. It is the “only type of study where true "cause and effect" can be claimed.” (Diem, 1999, p 2) Ex post facto exists without any control over what the variables may do. It only reports the actual results of the research and “discover(s) the pre-existing causal conditions between groups.” ( Diem, 1999, p3) Concerning UOP the experimental variable would be regarding the inner foundation of the academic system that the university chooses to operate upon. As for the ex post facto variable, it would exist in response to the outputs of the university, such as jobs that graduates may receive upon completion of a degree or the amount of students who apply for enrollment.
In order for University of Phoenix to provide advanced, quality education to millions of Americans busy with work and family, its researchers must define a sample design to select people from a designated population. Sampling saves time and money, and if used properly the sample accuracy and representativeness can be measured. Probability...

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