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Business Research Essay

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Business research methods


There are different types of issues that are said to be accompanied by the research process and are inclusive of the decision making process which comprises of the favored-technique syndrome. Following that some of the researches that are carried out are method bound, there always tend to be a problem with the management who want their methodology of research to be followed failure to which they become uncomfortable with the research undertaken. The management has to provide a technique of handling the research since this aid in determining if the research can be carried out (Bell, 2005). On the other side, a manager tend to have issue following the fact that some fields were created for some specific reasons and those reason may not be compatible with the management research question. However, in most cases not all the management issues are researchable and not all the research questions can also be answered and this becomes an ...view middle of the document...

Company database strip-mining is as a result of specific reasons that were created for specific management problems and in most cases they are not compatible to mean that only compatible ones should be availed in the research process. Unresearchable questions are there as a result of inadequate techniques and less accepted tested procedures which should be avoided to attain the research process. Despite questions being answered by facts alone it is proven that they are hard to be researched which is a factor that ought to be avoided because research is very crucial. The defined management problems are as a result of the too many interrelated facets for measurement that ought tobe handled with high level of accuracy which leads to being a research issue, hence, to be avoided at all costs. The politically motivated research is as result of the undesirable research study that are authorized just for the reason of their presence alone which may lead to approval winning.
Politically motivated research causes authorization of research study that may not even be desirable in the first place and this is against the management desire. According to Wilkinson, (2000), this type of an issue is also known to win approval for a certain mangers pet idea and research is therefore authorized as the measure for a personal protection in regard to decision making. Company database strip-mining is an issue that may cause more provision of information hence leading to high volumes of data and this also leads to massive substantial provision of knowledge. This issue is also known to be a starting point in decision-based research and some of the management questions will be answered, hence, reducing dilemma. Unresearchable questions are an issue which led to many questions left unanswered because they cannot be researched further to find their answers.

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